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About Us! is owned and operated by Alimentex Pty Ltd. Alimentex Pty Ltd was established by Aron Malcolm, a published Food Safety and Quality Expert who has been acknowledged with Australian and International accolades for his participation within the Food Sector. A seasoned high-risk food safety auditor and consultant, Aron has visited over 4500 food businesses in over 35 countries during the past 17 years. Because of his extensive background in the food compliance sector, Aron knows exactly what it takes to develop, document, and maintain systems which meet the abundance of Regulatory, Industry and Customer Standards.

What started as a tool for the Food Sector has now become a resource used by many other global industry sectors!

“ is your one stop for online Approved Supplier Management. We’ve taken the hard work of managing your Approved Suppliers. Use our system to find existing or new suppliers and request access to their Approved Supplier Documentation online. The system will remind document owners and their customers of pending expiry. Suppliers also benefit by only having to upload their current Approved Supplier Documentation once, after which any of their Approved Customers can freely access these. You can also send and receive Approved Supplier Questionnaires through our platform.”

Aron Malcolm
Managing Director – Alimentex Pty Ltd

Using our resources… what’s in it for you?

1 - 1 -1

Alimentex is a proponent of the 1-1-1 Philanthropy model, which means that we’ve made the commitment to give at least 1% of our time, 1% of our profit and 1% of our products and services to make a difference in the world around us, both within Australia and Internationally!

Our current commitments extend to the provision of complimentary Premium Subscriptions to qualifying Registered Charitable Organisations… but we have a large range of additional global philanthropic campaigns in the pipeline that are supported by our Premium Users!


  • will very realistically save you weeks of time over the course of a year… Image not having to constantly chase your Approved Suppliers for updated documentation!

    Our online Resources were created with 1 Major theme in mind… To save you time!

  • The cost of an annual Premium Subscription could be well less that 1 week’s wages for a team member to manage your Approved Supplier program manually!

So what are you waiting for… establish a Premium Subscription today and start benefiting on so many levels!